Cruel Year

How cruel of the year 2020
Many disasters are suffered
In our country.
Volcanic eruption,
Earthquakes everywhere,
Fire in homes and forests.
Storm flood victims,
And the virus is spreading all over the world.
But disaster is not an obstacle
To despair.
Stand on our own two feet
And get up for the new normal.


By: ER Petras

Orphan Mother- SHORT STORY

As I sighed I felt my future child kick in my womb. I secretly smiled when she kicked again as I caressed my stomach. In just a month I can see her coming out and I am excited to touch, hug, kiss and love her completely.

Again I sighed and looked out the window even though it was dark all around and only the moonlight was overflowing in the sky. The sadness inside me still lingers in my memory. The truth of the matter is that I never really forgot the father of my future child. He was my first boyfriend and because I trusted him, I gave him the care I had that was important to me.

After something happened to us, two months later I did not come. I was very happy with the good grace that God had given me, that I am thankful for. I immediately told him good grace. At first I thought he would accept but I failed to think so. I was too expectant that he was responsible for what I was carrying. All the angry and hurtful words I received that from him.

Especially with his family and the words his parents uttered, I was deeply hurt there. Words I did not expect to hear from he’s parents.

“Are you pregnant? And my son is that father?!”

“Are you sure? Maybe you have another man and you got pregnant and then my son is the father you are pointing to!”

“You have no one to depend on other people other than your dead parents so bring that to life on your own!”

“We can’t accept you as a family! Remember that!”

Even though what they say is exhausting, I sincerely love the child inside my womb. I will never harbor resentment towards the person who speaks harsh words to me. Orphan as long as my child will be cared for and taught good manners.


Author: ER Petras/shitloccah

Creature I Love- SHORT STORY

Edited by: Edmalyn Rose Petras


I WENT HOME then and it was too late when I felt he was following me again. I still feel the fear and horror all over my body every time I continue to walk with him always every night. I do not know who he is but I am confident that he is not an ordinary creature.

When I got home, I went straight to my room, but I stopped feeling until here he still followed me. With so much fear I felt I decided to look for him. And I saw him under my bed. My whole system trembled and my hair rose as he stared at me intently. Her red eyes doubled my fear and horror all over my body.

According to the stories I hear from the elders, the Sigbin people do not choose to be victimized as long as they find meat to eat, they will kill them. But I only wonder one thing, why is he not victimizing me? He should have eaten me before. But I think he is the reason why someone dies in my family every year. I quickly went to the warehouse to get the ax to stop the monster following me.

I was not even able to enter the room to face the monster under my bed when my family saw me holding an axe.

“Sister, it’s not her fault!” My brother stopped me.

I frowned. “You know him?” The only thing that came out of my mouth.

“He is not the one who kills our family,” Father began. “He is your protector whenever his people want to attack you.” Father further explained.

“But why is someone dying in our family?”

“It was in exchange for him to be with you, Dianne.” My Father’s short response.

I was stunned and did not speak. At that moment many questions arose in my brain. Why is he protecting me from his people? And what is his real purpose for me?

From my deepest thought the lights suddenly went out, I even wondered why Father lit a candle, but later I saw the monster come out of my room. I bravely approached him and held his head so he let me do that. The fear and horror I was feeling was replaced by a light feeling and sadness in the creature in front of me. I don’t know why, but when I looked into his eyes again, I seemed to know what that meant. He fell in love within me.

“Why do you like me. So we are different worlds?” I asked him.

He did not answer, only a gentle face I saw in him.


A year passed when I learned the truth about Sigbin who had always followed me. The light in my room always turned off so he could be free to do what he wanted to do. As I spent more time with him, I gradually fell in love with him. Maybe it’s really like that when you are close to something or that creature.

One night we were sound asleep when I felt Sigbin move next to me. I could hear him saying something so I was suddenly worried. I do not understand, but I know something bad will happen. My chest throbbed with fear when something thundered loudly on our roof. The door of my room opened and it gave birth to the Father and my brother who were obvious on their faces full of fear.

“I will be next,” Father said. “I love you all very much!” Father cried for us, so I couldn’t stop myself from crying.

I hugged Father tightly as well as my brother did.

I looked at Sigbin’s behavior with us as if he was ready to protect us. I let go of the hug and approached Sigbin. “It’s just that you remember indiscriminately with love.” Full of love I said.

After I said that he left without saying a word as the cracks in the roof disappeared. I think he went with his companions. He was sad to leave, but in my memory and in my heart he was the best creature that came into my life.


THE NEXT DAY, I woke up sad because the monster that always protected me was gone. When I arrived at the kitchen, Father had already served breakfast, my brother was helping him.

“Dianne,” Dad said at the dinner table. “I know Sigbin has been a part of your life. But there are times when we have to gamble or sacrifice, for the good of all.” This is the Father.

“Father, will he come back?” I will ask. That immediately came to my mind because of my concern for our friend Sigbin.

“He is kind to all the Sigbin I have met, son. Compared to his other creatures that eat human flesh and even animals. But I do not know if he can still come back to us.”

“I’m worried about him, Father!”

“We do not hold the fate” Father replied. He shook his head slightly when he said that.

“But why me? We are different worlds” I insisted.

“Come with me, Dianne! I’ll show you the world I grew up in before I met you.”

“My father and brother, I can’t leave them!” Shaking I said.

“I promise I will return you to your families” He was still convinced.

I took a deep breath before agreeing to his wishes. I accompanied him to the thick forest towards his world. I was riding behind him while he was running as if he did not care about the darkness, at least he was used to seeing in the dark. We stopped opposite the ballet because my hair was growing. Horror and fear I first felt at the same time as the strong wind blew. I hugged myself as Sigbin, who was with me, stood in front of the ballet.

“What are we doing here?” My question was full of fear.

“Do not be afraid my love. You will surely be happy when you are in our world”

I looked across the ballet tree. It’s really creepy and according to the rumors of the elders here all the elements are said to live. I swallowed. I was hesitant to join his world, but I was already here. Will I still retreat? I took a deep breath before I could finally get close to him.

I just didn’t seem to answer, but I just ate our breakfast. When night came I was lying on my bed and meditating while looking at the ceiling. Until now I had not forgotten the creature that protects me. I asked in my mind that I would be with him one last time.

I felt dizzy when I felt cold here in the room. My eye hit the open window. Astonishment flashed across my face because before I went to sleep, I closed the window. I got up and closed the window, but as I was about to go back to lying down I noticed something on my side. Its red eyes seemed to twinkle in the dark.

“S-Sigbin?” I said. When I met who it was.

“It’s me, Dianne” He replied.

I do not know if I will be happy or afraid of his return because I finally heard his voice.

“C-Can you speak?” I can’t believe it.

“Don’t be afraid, Dianne. Approach me!”

“I thought that would never come back!” I said. I slowly approached him. I still think that way on his face. Gentle, kind and loving Sigbin.

“I came back for you” He said.

“Why did you bring me back?” I will ask.

“I want to be with you, Dianne. I want to stay by your side. The words you said to me last night will inspire and make everyone realize.” He explained.

“No one will hurt any of you, dear” He said.

I nodded in response to what he said. My eyes witnessed how the tunnel slowly opened. I was held in Sigbin’s hand.

“Close your eyes” He said. I followed what he said. I just feel my feet stepping. I know we have entered the tunnel.

“We are here my love” I heard him say.

I slowly opened my eyes. I was amazed at how beautiful I could see. You look like you are in paradise, but you will meet other creatures. All the different elements are here. The fear I felt was replaced by a smile.

“Nice” I said in amazement.

“This is our home,” he said. He started walking and I accompanied him. “Only a few of us have a gun.” He added.

“Why do some of you kill?” I asked curiously.

“We need to protect our home because other people are bullying our home.” Sigbin answered me.

We arrived at a small bamboo house. We went in and he made me sit on the wood while he just stood there.

“I have another question that has always haunted my mind.” I said. He nodded in response to what I said. “Why are you protecting me from people like you Sigbin? And why do you kill someone from my family every year?”

He did not say a word for a long time, but later he also said that I was shocked and could not believe it.

“Year 2010, that night. We were in the forest with my fellow tribesmen and an old man got lost in the ballet. He was out of breath and tired as if at any moment he would run out of breath. He was when he saw us. My other colleagues were planning to eat him, but I stopped him because I only felt good for the old man. He was pitiful to look at at that time because he was suffering from illness. And it was given to him to sleep until we had healed him.

“In return for coming to give us his daughter. But he did not comply with our agreement. We warned him that if we do not give what we want. There is another replacement. That is death. Dianne, so I protect you because My compatriots are forcing you to take you even if there is a replacement. Every time I watch you I have a strange feeling. We do not hide these kinds of feelings because we are monsters when people consider us.”

I could not speak immediately when he finished telling the story. I still can’t believe that Father or I can do this. Why does Father seem to tell me a different story? Suddenly I burst into tears because my Father lied.

“I’m going home,” I said despite my sobbing.

“I understand how you feel” He said.

He led me out of the tunnel. I looked at the ballet tree where I was standing in the tunnel we came out of. I then climbed up behind Sigbin after that he started running back home.

“Thank you,” I said as we were across the house. “Are you leaving again?” I’m still connected.

“I will come back to visit you” He replied.

“Thank you again,” I said and kissed him on the cheek. “You’re coming back!” He nodded softly in response to what I said.

I entered the house and went straight to my room. I looked at the clock, it was 3:30 am. Because I was drowsy, I did not realize that I had fallen asleep.

The next day, I confronted Father with his lie because I told him about going to the home of the elemental creatures. He immediately apologized to me and I was immediately given another chance.

Since then I have not seen the Sigbin.


Grain Of Courage

Whether you fall into deep thought with hot and hard taste
Surely, you will awaken and your doubt will vanish.
The thought of wanting to end life is lost,
And it can be assumed that the decision is uncertain.

With each passing day, sadness and grief will prevail
It is not easy to get out of hiding when you are weak
But courage and strength can be the guide,
To escape the cage overwhelmed by the feeling of hatred.

Balance the life devoted to fighting darkness and light
Think and remember the things to do with yourself,
Self that no one can waste on a dark violence
Wake up to the truth and face the present with dedication to your will.


Author: shitloccah/ER Petras

SAMUEL- Summary Story


The six of them went to a villa where they would stay for a vacation, but their destination seemed endless so when they passed a store they stopped in front of it but before they could enter the store he suddenly felt something. Kailyn caused it to creep and fainted, so her friends immediately supported her but she also immediately lost her dizziness so they continued to enter the store. They were exposed to so many hooks hanging from the ceiling that they could not help but feel scared because they might be hit by a hook.

Because of their tour of the entire store and seemingly unoccupied, as they were about to leave the store someone suddenly appeared at the counter so they were surprised and terrified because of its voice and the strange feeling they had this year. Was courage they still approached and talked. After they asked and Samuel answered the direction, where they were going, they left that store and they did not make a mistake when asked that they immediately went to the said villa. They plunged into the river and had fun, after which when night came they played truth or dare but later suddenly there was a shooting between Benjamin and Cassandra because of the shouting of their friends. Cassandra suddenly left their place and did not realize that she had reached the middle of the forest. Following that, he was upside down on the tree, he tried to ask for help but he did not get anything and he also felt the pain in his foot due to the coiled wire on his foot. Soon a man came to help him but at that moment he made a mistake in his thinking. He did not think that the person who helped him would end his life.

Meanwhile, Kailyn is still restless because at midnight she still doesn’t have her friend Cassandra so she can’t help but worry for her friend. Until the morning came Cassandra still no one came back to them so they just decided to look but inevitably there was a dispute between them all, so they all split up. Tisay tried to talk to Johan to apologize for what he did to Benjamin and Prelim but he was stubborn that the person they trusted came with him so he left Johan to look for Cassandra. At the same time Johan did not expect that person to happen to him.

Kailyn and Prelim were about to return to their tent when they met Tisay who immediately greeted them with a question. Prelim could not answer them immediately because they still remember what they saw with Cassandra, later they told Tisay what happened to Cassandra that Tisay could hardly believe what she found out, she only sobbed. Meanwhile, Benjamin decided to go to Samuel’s store but when he got there no Samuel came out at the counter, he only smelled pungent so he bravely went to the counter but even before he got to the back he saw some blood, he followed where the blood came from and he was just shocked that Samuel was no longer alive. Despite what he saw and did not know what to do he searched for something where he could ask for help and unfortunately he discovered something he did not expect so he hurried back to their tent to tell the his friend is what he found out. When he returned to their tent he found no one there and he found out that maybe his friends were still looking for Cassandra.

Soon he also saw his friends and he immediately said what he found out at the same time as they discovered Johan who was no longer alive floating in the river. Tisay only felt anger and hatred during that time because they thought that Samuel was the one who did it by killing her boyfriend and friend, everything went awry because it was not known whether to believe what Benjamin was saying was true or false. just this. After confirming what Benjamin was saying, everything only got worse because the killer was gradually following them, Tisay being hit by a stick on the mound, Benjamin being poured hot water all over his body, Prelim being stabbed tyan using the ass of the panakak and Kailyn without much scar. He still tried to save Benjamin at the same time deciding to kill the killer.

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Author: ER Petras

Covered By: Edmalyn Rose Petras

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Birthday Poem

Celebrated once a year
But this is the most important day
The birth that gave life
So that we can see the world.

Feeling is the way
To know that you are important,
And feel the love
From the people around.

Happy Birthday!
May the Lord guide you,
May you not get sick,
May you protect yourself from harm.

May the dream come true,
May your heart remain pure,
And may you have many more days to experience.
Happy Birthday to You!

Author: shitloccah/ER Petras

Red, White, Blue and Yellow

The color red brings courage;
Facing the pandemic is courage.
Stability is our strength
To combat the pandemic,
Occupy our country.

The virus killed innocent people
Using only weak pain.
Pandemic is the cause of change around the world.
And the poverty of the people who have lost their jobs.

To our heroes,
Blessed are you who are with us
Accompanying day and night,
Regardless of hardship and sacrifice
When each.

Tired of fighting,
Inspire the present
Then courage will prevail,
And let us win this battle.

The symbol of cleanliness is white;
Let us obey what is being implemented in our town.
We take care of health,
Against the spreading bacteria
Ours causes illness.

Be clean in our environment,
Healthy food is what we enjoy.
Let’s take a vitamin
Gives us strength.

In patients affected by the virus,
The opponent is ourselves.
Be courageous and fight for yourself
Restore the former strength.

Blue’s only desire is Peace;
Do not think negatively
Or, if any abominable work
Against your neighbor.
Pandemic is what we face,
Not each other.

Apply the purity to your heart.
So do not doubt that we are
Help others in need.
Do not lament the painful meaning.
Let us understand and be united with one another,
And let us love one another.

Yellow is light;
Many hopes so
The calvary of the future is gone
When each ours.

May the people aspire,
Convenience and prosperity
When the time comes.

As long as we cling to God,
Let’s trust her
Support without any replacement.
Let us believe in his plan,
Someday ours will come
Expected light.

To those separated from their
Borrowed body.
May your guide be guided
Soul above.
You will be enlightened peacefully,
And will not feel any illness.

There is something left on the ground,
Your purity is what serves
Memories of the people you left behind.

Oh Filipino,
Raise the flag
There are four colors.

Red and White are for
In the honesty of ourselves.
The only hope is Blue,
And will meet in Yellow
With honorable freedom,
Between the sun and stars.

Authors: Shitloccah/ER Petras